Communication In Marriage

When discussing the issue of top marriage problems and solutions, poor communication is considered the first cause of problems in a marriage.

This means not spending enough time to listen and to understand your spouse.

Problems seem to arise in your marriage mainly when you want your partner to hear and understand your point of view at all times instead of you hearing and understanding your partner.

The solution to the problem of poor communication is actually making a date with your spouse to intentionally converse.

If you have children, take them to bed, for a sincere talk with your spouse.

Always give your partner the chance to speak their mind without interrupting, avoid negative phrases like “you don’t…” or “you never”… when having this conversation and always show that you’re are listening when you speak.

Don’t be distracted, if your spouse is always at home, don’t predict his or her day was good, ask about your partner’s day.

You’ll notice that your partner has a lot of things they want to talk about while you were away.

Also, take some time out for dinner or the movies to rekindle the dying fire in your marriage.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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