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5 Signals That Your Spouse Wants A Divorce (And How You Can Stop It).

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Sign # 1– Arguing Over Whatever & All things.

You bet, it’s no state secret that an increase in the rate and level of disagreements with your spouse are a crystal clear symptom that all is not good with your union.

Now, do not panic here just because you and your spouse are battling a few times a week … virtually every couple will quarrel and have conflicts every now and then, and it’s actually a healthy thing to argue periodically provided that they result in decisions or don’t leave behind lingering bad feelings.

When those fights end up being everyday incidents, and tend to develop over virtually just about anything, then that’s when things get a bit more dicey. As an example, if you arriving 5 minutes late for a dinner date turns into a massive screaming match and leads to both of you going to bed furious for the third time in a week, at that point, it’s a serious issue.

These type of arguments, if they happen frequently and tend to blow small rumbles or differences way out of proportion, this could signify that your relationship is headed in the wrong direction.

Much of the time, partners who argue regularly yet have generally healthy marriages can fix this issue fairly easily. In practical terms, if you and your partner fight too much or quarrel frequently over modest matters, you need to learn effective ways to avoid the pointless arguments and have disagreements in a more civilized and positive manner.

CNow, yet another and possibly more serious evidence of an unhealthy marriage is once one or both of you stops trying to address conflict whatsoever. This leads me to the next point …

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book