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5 Signals That Your Spouse Wants A Divorce (And How You Can Stop It).

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Sign # 4– Hardly ever or never ever making love.

Lack of sex can be symptom of other problems in your relationship– assuming that you’re always fighting and there’s no mental connection, the intimacy is going to vanish as well.

Yet it might also be a problem of its own and cause a marriage disaster, whether it’s caused by fading attraction or a low libido.

In either case, a sexless marriage is usually a marriage on the fast lane to separation.

Therefore in the event that your partner looks uninterested in sex or creates justifications, that’s a very clear signal of problems.

Sign # 5– Your partner is away more often or appears to be pre-occupied.

If your partner is staying out late more frequently, and showing lower interest in family and spending quality time together, that may be an indicator that they are possibly unhappy with the situation in the house.

It can also be that they’re preparing mentally for daily life apart, establishing a social life or actually also dating.

With any luck that’s not the situation, and don’t prematurely accuse your spouse of this just because they’re home less often, nevertheless it is a possibility.

Simply put, if you’re spending less time with your spouse than you have in the past…

…or if he appears to be distant and pre-occupied whenever you are spending time together, that can be a clear sign of a spouse emotionally struggling with the decision to end a marriage.

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book