5 Signs Of Divorce & How To Make Your Marriage Fun Again

marriage or divorce?


If your marriage is suffering a meltdown and you’re worried that your partner is thinking about asking for a divorce, then this article is for you. I want to share with you, 5 signs of divorce and how to make your marriage fun again.

I’ll identify a few signs to be aware of that imply your spouse is thinking of divorcing you. I know that’s a painful thought. I’ll tell you the best ways to stop divorce and the best ways to begin repairing your marriage.

So, let us dive into the first sign that divorce is coming…

Sign # 1– Arguing About Whatever & Every thing.

Yes, it’s clear that a greater frequency and magnitude of arguments are a crystal clear signal that all is not good with your marriage. Now, do not freak out just because you and your spouse are battling a few times a week.

Almost every married couple disagrees and has conflicts every so often. It’s really a healthy thing to quarrel once in a while, as long as, these disputes result in resolutions or don’t leave behind lingering hard feelings– this video here gives more details.

The moment these fights turn into daily occurrences, and arise over almost anything, that’s the moment things get a bit more dicey.

As an example, if you showing up 5 minutes late for a lunch date, develops into a gigantic shouting match and results in each of you to going to bed infuriated for the 3rd time in a week– that’s a serious issue.

Those kinds of fights, if they happen repeatedly and blow small rumbles or disagreements, way out of proportion— this can mean that your marriage is going in the wrong direction.

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Most of the time, partners who squabble, and who have have healthy marriages, are able to repair complications pretty effortlessly.

In simple terms, if you and your spouse fight way too much or argue frequently about modest issues, you should learn ways to prevent the worthless arguments and have disagreements in a more civil and positive fashion.

Click on this link to watch an eye-opening, free video, with tips on ways to argue more effectively (and a lot more– it’s well worth watching).

Another and perhaps more significant indication of an unhealthy marriage is the moment one or both of you stop trying to resolve conflicts. This leads me to the next point …

Sign # 2– No Longer Willing To Resolve Disputes or Uncover Solutions.

If your partner appears to no longer care about the end result of a fight, or if they tend to feel as if looking for a resolution to problems is pointless or hopeless– that can be a clear indicator of much deeper troubles as explained here.

When this sort of despair sets in, your spouse may withdraw further and feel as though there will never be a way for both of you to live together in harmony. That’s clearly not a beneficial thing, and it’s something that you have to deal with if this has become a problem in your marriage.

Sign # 3– Lack of Emotional Connection and Withdrawal of Affection.

If your spouse has become aloof and does not show affection to you, that can also be a powerful clue that they’re mentally “checking out” of the marriage.

More signs that your spouse is mentally leaving you are detailed in this video presentation. Frequently related to this is a total lack of emotional connection and a lack of enthusiasm to talk about or show feelings and emotions.

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In my experience, this is one of the absolute most obvious signs that your marriage is moving in the wrong direction.

Generally, though, it’s more a symptom than a root problem, and addressing the core issues of your marriage can often help re-build the emotional connection and lead your husband or wife to begin showing affection again.

If you notice this symptom along with some of the others in this post, begin doing something about it to stop the degradation of your marriage.

Watch this video today to learn about 3 simple techniques that will help you repair your relationship (even if your spouse isn’t interested at the moment).

Sign # 4– Seldom or never making love.

Lack of sex can be symptom of many other issues in your marital relationship. If you’re always fighting and there’s no emotional connection, then sexual activity is going to fade away as well.

But, it may also be a problem of its own and result in a marriage crisis, whether or not it’s triggered by fading attraction or a low sex drive.

In either case, a sexless marital relationship is almost always a marriage on the fast track to divorce. If your husband or wife seems uninterested in intimacy or makes excuses, that’s a very clear sign of problems.

Sign # 5– Your spouse is absent more often or seems pre-occupied.

If your partner is staying out late more often, and showing less interest in family and spending quality time together– that could be an indication that they are either unhappy with the conditions in the home. It may also be that they’re mentally preparing for life apart from you.

They might be setting up a social life or possibly even dating. With any luck, that’s not the case, and don’t prematurely accuse your spouse of this just because they’re home less often, but it is a possibility.

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In other words, if you’re spending less time with your spouse than you have in the past or if he or she seems to be distant and pre-occupied when you are hanging out together, that can be a clear sign of a spouse mentally struggling with the decision to end the marriage.

What To Do Next: Where to go from here …

First, let’s make one thing crystal clear: just because your spouse is displaying a few of the actions that I just spoke about, does not automatically mean that they’re absolutely planning to file for divorce.

These 5 signs of divorce are simply warning signals of trouble ahead in your marriage. If you’ve witnessed several of these warning signs in your spouse recently, and you feel as if things aren’t on the right track with your marriage, I urge you to take action to turn things around now before matters get any worse.

The most effective place to start is by viewing this free video by marriage guru Brad Browning.

He reveals where your marriage has been failing and what you need to do to make your spouse fall back in love with you.

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