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5 Signs Of Divorce & How To Make Your Marriage Fun Again

marriage or divorce?

Sign # 1– Arguing About Whatever & Every thing.

Yes, it’s clear that a greater frequency and magnitude of arguments are a crystal clear signal that all is not good with your marriage.

Now, do not freak out just because you and your spouse are battling a few times a week.

Almost every married couple disagrees and has conflicts every so often.

It’s really a healthy thing to quarrel once in a while, as long as, these disputes result in resolutions or don’t leave behind lingering hard feeling.

The moment these fights turn into daily occurrences, and arise over almost anything, that’s the moment things get a bit more dicey.

As an example, if you showing up 5 minutes late for a lunch date, develops into a gigantic shouting match and results in each of you to going to bed infuriated for the 3rd time in a week– that’s a serious issue.

Those kinds of fights, if they happen repeatedly and blow small rumbles or disagreements, way out of proportion— this can mean that your marriage is going in the wrong direction.

Most of the time, partners who squabble, and who have have healthy marriages, are able to repair complications pretty effortlessly.

In simple terms, if you and your spouse fight way too much or argue frequently about modest issues…

…you should learn ways to prevent the worthless arguments and have disagreements in a more civil and positive fashion.

Another and perhaps more significant indication of an unhealthy marriage is the moment one or both of you stop trying to resolve conflicts.

This leads me to the next point …

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book