Common Marriage Problems Solved By Mark Driscoll’s The ‘Real Marriage’ Video Series

real marriage video series

The ‘Real Marriage’ book written by Christian author Mark Driscoll and his wife, has been updated in 2017 and converted into a nice video series. This video series can solve common marriage problems that can lead to a painful divorce. When paired with our free guide, Rescue Your Marriage Now: 5 Ways To RESCUE YOUR MARRIAGE This Weekend,” you get a great start on putting your marriage back together.

real marriage advice to stop divorce

In ‘Real Marriage’, you get 6 video presentations where the authors cover the keys to unlocking all of your relationships, including your marriage. If you practice a Christian based religion, you’ll appreciate the religious basis for a successful relationship rooted in Jesus Christ. The 6 keys are as follows:

  • Key #1: Becoming Relationally Healthy
  • Key #2: Building Intimacy
  • Key #3: Overcoming Past Hurts
  • Key #4: Becoming A Safe Person
  • Key #5: Putting More Fun In Your Friendship
  • Key #6: Moving From Roommates To Soul Mates

Before you spend money on an expensive marriage counselor, and if your family practices a Christian-based religion, try the marriage saving tips in the ‘Real Marriage’ first. Let’s go into each of the 6 keys to a successful marriage according to Mark Driscoll.

Key #1: Becoming Relationally Healthy.

This presentation examines the woman’s role in relationships and gives you a case study. It’s believed that you must first have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ before your marriage or any romantic relations can be healthy as well.

Key #2: Building Intimacy.

The authors believe that Christians and non-Christians have a very different rates of marital happiness, adultery, and divorce. They call it the “big lie” pushed by the media. This lie keeps non-Christians from seeking martial help from the Christian church.

Key #3: Overcoming Past Hurts.

Forgiveness is necessary, and vital in the Christian faith. First, you must seek forgiveness by God through Jesus Christ, before you can have a joyful relationship.

Key #4: Becoming A Safe Person.

Relationships can be both wonderful and awful. They can be both a pleasant and painful part of life. In this sermon, Pastor Mark dives into three kinds of people: evil ones, foolish ones, and wise ones. Determine which type of person you believe you are. What kind of people are you in relationship with?

Key #5: Putting More Fun In Your Friendship.

The God of the Bible (Father, Son, Spirit) is a community of friends. They created us because they want us to have a friendship with them and one ourselves. How do you select a good friend that you can trust? How can make sure that we are a good friend to others? Our firendships and either help or hurt our relationships.

Key #6: Moving From Roommates To Soul Mates.

In today’s society, there three things that kill marriages: the casual dating craze, co-habitation without marriage, and contractual thinking about relationships. In this sermon, you are shown how to avoid these killers by following biblical concepts of the covenant. You learn what it means to have a covenant relationship with God?

The ‘Real Marriage’ by Mark Driscoll isn’t for every couple. If you and your spouse practice a Christian-based religion, you will help these marriage problem solving tips valuable. If you prefer a non-religious way to save your marriage from a painful divorce, request a free copy of our guide, Rescue Your Marriage Now: 5 Ways To RESCUE YOUR MARRIAGE This Weekend.”

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