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Common Marriage Problems Solved By Mark Driscoll’s The ‘Real Marriage’ Video Series

real marriage video series

Key #1: Becoming Relationally Healthy

This presentation examines the woman’s role in relationships and gives you a case study.

It’s believed that you must first have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ before your marriage or any romantic relations can be healthy as well.

Key #2: Building Intimacy

The authors believe that Christians and non-Christians have a very different rates of marital happiness, adultery, and divorce.

They call it the “big lie” pushed by the media.

This lie keeps non-Christians from seeking martial help from the Christian church.

Key #3: Overcoming Past Hurts

Forgiveness is necessary, and vital in the Christian faith.

First, you must seek forgiveness by God through Jesus Christ, before you can have a joyful relationship.

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book