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Coping With Lack Of Intimacy In Marriage To Avoid Divorce

Common Marriage Problems Loss of Intimacy

No Intimacy in Marriage Consequences.

The moment your significant other can not be what you imagine they should be, you will start to lose interest sexually.

Because, who really wants to sleep with an individual who dissatisfies constantly?

At that point in the thought cycle, there will be continued missed expectations that make room for bitterness and lack of desire.

1. Sit down together and have the chat about one another’s intentions.

If your partner is feeling overwhelmed, offer to help them out.

Getting the load off each other will inevitably allow you to feel more confident, loved and appreciated which will make you more open to having sex later on.

2. Date your partner.

I can almost guarantee you had a blast dating your partner before marriage.

Yet, maybe things have gotten a little too serious and stressful these days.

It can be difficult to think of having sex with the stressors of life Taking breaks from the real world is a good thing.

Start-off dating each other again! Seriously, get a sitter (or dog-sitter) and go anywhere with each other.

Making a date night with your spouse a regular habit will enable you to have a good time and become more connected.

The entire reason you are married is because you fell for your husband or wife.

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book