How can you save your relationship from hurtful and uncontrolled anger?

Being in a relationship where there is a lot of anger can cause there to be harm in any relationship.

This type of situation can determine how people in the relationship are able to interact with each other during times of peace and times of struggle.

Anger is something that is not your fault. It is a feeling that people have.

The problem with anger though is that it always wants to be explosive.

Even though being angry is a feeling, you cannot allow anger to be in control of you.

If it is, it can hurt you and your partner or spouse.

When anger creeps in, it can be responsible for relational damage.

How can you be angry with your spouse without overreacting?

Emotions can be spoken in a safe and pure way, and anger is the same way.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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