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How Positive and Damaging Thoughts Effect Your Marriage

Are you aware of the thoughts that you are having when you are communicating with your partner? 

How in control are you of these thoughts?

Our thoughts play a huge role in what kind of mood that we will have and how our emotions will react to those around us.

Even though we are free, and we are allowed to have our own private thoughts, it is important to understand that our thoughts can affect how we react to the world around us.

Our thoughts do not have to be verbally said in order to make an impact on those that are around us.

Our thoughts can influence us to react in negative or positive ways.

When a thought enters your mind, you can choose to express that thought or make the conscious decision to keep that thought hidden.

Even when you choose to hide your thoughts, the small actions that follow these thoughts can cause you to react to a situation.

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book