What is Causing Damage in my Relationship?

Subconscious thoughts that take up all of your time and energy can damage relationships.

If you have thoughts that are hurtful or angry, these thoughts can become a part of your waking perception, making it hard to react positively towards others.

The thoughts that you have can influence how you view those around you and the experiences that you have with those people.

Situations with your spouse can be viewed differently, depending on your thought pattern.

Negative and hurtful thoughts can be powerful, but they are not in control of you.

You can take these thoughts and change them and even completely remove them, if needed.

How Do I Change My Negative Thoughts?

Try to become aware of the thoughts that you are having.

Sometimes, negative thoughts try to slip their way in, out of nowhere.

If you can learn to take a hold of the thoughts and be in control, then you can learn to work toward a more positive mindset.

Remember, be patient with yourself because this takes time.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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