Are you able to talk to your spouse in a way that allows you to express your emotions, thoughts and needs without feeling defeated? 

Couples face many challenges along the way and one of the biggest problems that most couples face is the problem of communication.

Couples tend to have a hard time finding the line between perfect communication.

Because of this, they often times face different types of emotional aggression and distancing.

I call this problem “Broken Communication” because most of the time, trying to communicate can have the opposite affect that most couples expect.

Trying to have a normal conversation may seem like an unbearable feat.

If this is the feeling that you get when trying to have a conversation with your spouse, then you or even both of you may be experiencing the lasting effects from “broken communication.”

Broken communication can leave a relationship lifeless and dry.

If you and your spouse stop communicating, the relationship can lose all of its meaning and what was once a loving relationship can quickly turn into a hate filled situation.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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