Why do We Experience Broken Communication?

Broken communication happens when people have experienced years of emotional attacks or hostility.

People that feel attacked when they are talking or feel that they are belittled for sharing their emotions, tend to put up a wall to protect themselves.

Our bodies use this type of defense mechanism.

The hurt that is manifested stays ever so slightly in the back of our minds to keep us defended if communication problems ever creep up.

If broken communication is happening in a romantic relationship, one or both couples may use different types of communication that may be even more destructive.

It is important that couples experience some type of harmony.

When this harmony is lost, the love that a couple feels for each other can go away rather quickly.

How can Better Communication Repair a Spousal Relationship?

Having good quality and real communication can help relationships to be strong.

When communication is solid, relationships that experience flaws are still strong, leaving the couple happy and feeling secure in the relationship.

Having a strong and loving relationships can be a rock to couples in times of personal chaos.

If the relationship is what is causing the chaos, then there is something wrong and this needs to be fixed.

There are easy ways to work on building a relationship with better communication and here are some tips.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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