Your Partner or Spouse Holds All the Cards

In many relationships, one person holds all of the cards in the finances, in the purchases and more.

One person may own the car, the house and be the only one that contributes to the finances.

When this happens, it is sometimes easy for that person to feel that they are more important in the relationship.

This can cause them to feel that they should be in control of the relationship.

When a partner or a spouse tries to diminish your desires and needs because they have the biggest financial contributions or because they own all of the family belongings, it is easy to become aggravated and to want to lash out at them.

Lashing out or being aggravated will only cause more problems in the relationship.

Doing this can cause your partner or spouse to feel that you are incapable of making decisions because you are illogical and “hot headed.” 

Instead of arguing, it is important to negotiate.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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