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How to Repair Damaged Communication in Your Marriage, Part 2


Could communication save your marriage?

Very good communication is the strongest possible support for a struggling marriage.

Folks often say that talking gets people nowhere fast. This specific is surely not correct! Even so, I will acknowledge that there is a big difference with just talking and truly communicating with a person. If your words are falling on closed ears (and as a result, a closed mind), you’re absolutely not communicating in the most strict sense of the word– you are indeed just talking.

True communication is a two-way interaction, with both individuals proactively paying attention, offering feedback and adjusting to reach a jointly advantageous agreement. In order to make communication work, you need to keep the following guidelines in mind, at all times:
  • Don’t Employ the Rake of History– Talking about another person’s past mistakes and misjudgments to shore up your position during a conversation will just make the other person miserable and protective at the same time.


Don’t misunderstand me. A person’s past experiences can be used to spruce up his/her behavior. However, there is an ideal time and place to mention previous experiences for future enrichment. Employing history for” mudslinging” is a totally separate situation.

  • Aim to Put Across a Clear Message Each Time– Whenever a person feels hurt, the tendency is to mix bad emotions and various lines of communication in a single, impenetrable message that is very difficult to comprehend.


For instance, if a woman feels left out because her husband is always out drinking with his friends right after work, she might say something like “you’re sure relaxed every night!”

Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
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Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book
Rescue Your Marriage Now - Free Book