Seeing the World in Black and White

People often times feel that there is no middle ground and we call this “seeing the world in black and white.”

When people feel this way, it is easy to ruin how they see their partner or spouse.

Anytime something is said, it is either negative or positive, and there is no middle ground.

What Causes Us to Think This Way?

When we see the world in black and white, we believe that there is no middle ground.

A person that has this mindset will often times believe that their partner or spouse is only good or bad.

You feel that your spouse or partner is good when he/she is doing what meets your needs or quenches your desires.

On the flip side, you feel that your partner or spouse is bad when he or she does something that is not what you wanted or if they do not immediately meet your needs or desires.

People who only believe that things are contradictory make it impossible to be pleased and they forget that people are full of needs and desires.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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