The Negative Dreamer

People who only can find negativity towards their spouse are called negative dreamers because they refuse to rely on logical situations.

But instead, they dream up negative situations based on small parts of reality.

Here are some statements that a negative dreamer might say:

“Oh, he has to work late.  He must have a new girlfriend.  Probably that lady that works in his office now.  I knew he was staring at her the other day when I was at the office visiting.”

“She never listens to me.  She thinks she is better than me now that she has that job.  She must not need me anymore.” 

“Why is he getting so dressed up all of the time?  He used to never care about his appearance.  He must be looking for someone better than me.  I must not be pretty enough for him anymore.”

Are These Statements Harmful to Your Relationship?

The statements that are above from the negative dreamer can be very harmful.

The statements are made without speaking to your partner or spouse and they are taken completely out of context just to fit the negative mindset.

These statements do not involve the partner or the spouse or give them the option to defend themselves.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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