How Hard is Negotiating?

Negotiation is as simple as communicating.

It is the practice of taking control of a conversation and making it a place where compromising is promised and where stability is assured.

Negotiating does not need to be complicated.

If you see negotiation as something that is complicated and undesirable, it could mean that you are not interested in negotiating with your partner or spouse.

I could be that you are only interested in being in control of both the situation and the relationship.

This type of behavior can be very damaging to the relationship and it needs to stop immediately.

Controlling your partner or spouse is one reason that many people never reach any type of agreement on matters that mean something.

This causes issues within the relationship to go unresolved and these issues will eventually rear their ugly face back into the relationship in the future.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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