Dangers of living in the past

Below is an example situation that shows how negative fantasy perception can be.

Jody was madly in love with a girl named Sonia.

Even though he loved her, he could not get rid of the idea that Sonia was like his aunt, who he hated because she raised him when he was a child and she was mean to him and abusive.

When Jody was young, he ran away, and he never came back because he could no longer take the abuse that he received from his aunt.

Jody, when he was older, was able to find a great job as a manager at an assembly plant.

He was able to work hard and make a bunch of money.

Later, he fell in love.

Even though he loved Sonia, he would get depressed and angry and Sonia never understood that whenever she had an idea, that Jody thought of her like he did his aunt.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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