How to stop living in the past

Sonia was always kind and never was rude to Jody but in his mind, she was acting just like his aunt acted towards him when he was a small boy.

Through counseling, Jody was finally able to admit that he thought Sonia and his aunt were similar, even though he had not seen his aunt since he was young.

Jody’s aunt was still living, but Jody chose to never go back to face her again, even though his brothers and sisters said that she had changed and became a better person.

What can you do to help a relationship when perception on fantasy exists?

This is not a disease, but it is a problem.

Once someone is able to recognize that this is a problem for them, they can reverse this on their own.

Reversing this mental thought can only happen if the person really wants to revers it.

Some people feel like they cannot be hurt if they live in this type of fantasy and they choose not to change.

The biggest problem is that when perception on fantasy exists, it makes the person feel more vulnerable and when this happens, the person is unable to think logically.

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Jodie Coates
Jodie Coates

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